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Lucky Dollar is a scratch off games app where you can win FREE MONEY while having fun. Make your own luck by playing real money earning games in your downtime! As a legitimate scratch card game app, you can look forward to making some bucks with money earning games. Our app is a great way to unwind yourself while winning real money.

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Play Money Earning Games

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Win Real Money with Fun

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The Lucky Dollar app is not only available for the users in the United States, But the users in other countries can download our free money games app as well. They can play real money games and earn real cash with fun.

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For all of us at Lucky Dollar, our users are what make us grow. We strive to serve them better every step of the way. They prove their love for Lucky Dollar with their kind words.

  • User Review 1

    After a certain dollar amount it quits paying cash, but it gives you plenty of coins. Playing consistently you could easily get a dollar a day, and I have cashed out plenty of times, so it WILL cash out.

    Shae Mccloud
  • User Review 2

    I love the app. I've had a problem or two but customer support has taken care of everything for me. It's fun even though you only win a little at a time but the coins add up quick and you get to cash them in for money too. It pays for real!

    Teri Petersen
  • User Review 3

    Very enjoyable app. Great variety of games and tasks for all different experience levels. The customer service had been excellent. Prompt, helpful and the rewards are fast. I am pleased with my experiences 🙂

    Shane Hale
  • User Review 4

    I praise the app for actually making the payments and delivering on their promises, although they are generally deposited after two days, which is unusual.

    Hyde Elda
  • User Review 5

    Still some bugs to work out with the adds. Sometimes they lock your screen up and you have to close the app out and reopen it. Other than that it's as fun as it was when it first launched. If like this kind of game it's a great time killer with tuns of fun options for getting points. Have fun with it.

    Ashley Gibson
  • User Review 6

    Playing scratch can get you a chance to win real money. So exciting! I have been playing for quite some time now and the idea is good. There are many other Apps like this but what I like about this is that there is no minimum cashout required.

    Brandon Dunham
  • User Review 7

    I've been playing this game since it first came out, and it's pretty cool... given time and work, you'll get paid... it's legit!

    Valencia Walch
  • User Review 8

    Great app I love it keep up great apps could you get back to me please money missing that I won on scratch tickets

    Janet hewitt
  • User Review 9

    This game has helped me so much I'm low income and now I can get what I need this game is awesome again thank you you people are helping so many people

    Carol Reed
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